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Pictures from my trip

Since a lot of people asked me for pics, i finally decided to upload them! That's probably why it's raining so much here... :p

After having to upload them it feels like there are billions of them, but it's not that much. xD

This is the view from where we were staying. :) That's Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Puerto Pañuelo (Handkerchief Port. It sounds better in spanish :P )

Llao Llao Hotel, seen from the Puerto Pañuelo.

The view from Otto Hill: Huemul Island and Saint Peter's Peninsula (where we were staying).

Every lake was completely see-through. :P

Lake Mascardi, same one as above.

Thunderer Hill. It did make thunder sounds. XD

Río Manso (Tame River). It can't be seen here, but it was somewhat deep, and still totally see-through.

Bambi's forest. *giggles* And i'm not lying!

Cerro Leones (Lions Hill), with lots of caves in it. ^^ We were able to enter some of them.

They were the cutest things i ever saw! :D

A night in the lake with a full moon. :)

There are some more pics over at my Photobucket album, but i just couldn't bring myself to upload them:

Well, I hope I didn't bore anyone like i did me. ^^
And now, since i'm not feeling too well, i'm gonna go to bed and sleep SO much! :)


Mar. 2nd, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
Those are great pics Boyo!
All seems peaceful; it's incredibly beautiful. Thunderer Hill is impressive. Cats are awesome^^. Were the bed comfortable? (I saw you Maru)!!

I'll see you later, i was sick all day. Stuck in bed and vomited 4 times -_-.

Mar. 3rd, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you love! :)
I knew you'd like the cats. ^^ They were so sweet and playful!
Yeah, the bed was good *blushes* :P

I'm glad that you're feeling better now :)
*hugs and kisses back* :D

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